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April 02, 2003
Hello, Judy and Mike,
 Well, the tables made it a day early and they are even more breathtaking than I imagined! The tabouret is a peach, if the other one is still available, I want it. You can wait to send it with the end table if that's okay. I can send you the money for it now or we could settle up all at once when the end table is ready.
Thanks again!

April 29, 2003
Hi Judy,
I unpacked part of the bed last night (still waiting for the mattress) and it looks beautiful. The work you all do is truly art!

May 06, 2003
YES! Everything is great. Picked up the table this weekend and it's very nice. But I already knew it was nice from the photos so thank you for those.
 I have a friend who wants to buy a day bed from you and I will tell him it was a very positive experience. Thanks again!

June 09, 2003
Hello Mike
I was out of town a few days, just received the table and it is beautiful. We are very pleased with it. If you would be so kind as to take a look at these photos of my chair, and possibly advise me on improving the finish.
It looks like it has lightened over the years, especially next to my new table. Thanks for the fine table and any advice you can give me. I have attached two photos

July 10,2003
Hi Judy,
I received my settle and I LOVE it - its is more beautiful than I expected- Thank You. Expect to hear from me again to purchases other items.
Best Regards,
Moya Donnellan

August 13, 2003
Judy and Mike,
The table arrived safely on Monday afternoon, and no one can accuse you all of not packing well. The table is absolutely beautiful, there really aren't words to describe how much I like it. I'm in awe of your ability, and look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks.

September 04, 2003
I am sorry I am just now emailing you all but my email has been down and I have been going crazy - finally it is back up!
Thank you so much for the crib - it is absolutely beautiful - I am almost scared to put Alexandra in it - it is a piece of art!
We appreciate so much that you all did this for us - when our grandchildren are sleeping in the crib we will be telling the story of how wonderful you all are. Please know that one little girl is going to be having sweet dreams in the most beautiful and sturdy crib.
Thank you again!
Sarah Lowe Nathan

October 23, 2003
Hi Judy -
 We picked it up on Saturday. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm going to take a picture of Cassidy in it and email it to you. She loves it. Feels like such a big girl! Thank you so much. My family will enjoy it for many years to come. You do amazing work and I hope to order more pieces in the future.

December 14, 2003
I thought you would like to know that the table arrived Friday. Finally, after working at if for two days (you do pack very, very well!), I did manage to get it unpacked this afternoon and it is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the room it is in.
Many thanks,
Patricia Moore

December 16, 2003
Thank you so much. You have made my wife and I happy campers. I absolutely love your furniture. You can tell the attention to detail that you have and the furniture looks exquisite. We have just bought a new house and these will just add to the excitement of the remodeling we have done. I mainly have mission furniture in the home but these will probably be our favorite pieces.
I will get on Paypal right now and get everything paid for. I will also put my shipping address on that form. Again, thanks so much and have a great holiday.
Dave Mueller
July 19, 2004
That is acceptable. Could you also build me two sofa tables to match?? If so just send me an invoice on paypal if that is alright and I will take care of payment on half of all three tables. I much appreciate your efforts. I just absolutely LOVE your workmanship and don't want any other tables in my home. You guys are the best and I truly think your furniture is more art than furniture. Take care and I hope you get that virus under control.
Dave Mueller

December 17, 2003
The table arrived today and is really great - we'll be proud to display it. And our Siamese cat already enjoys sitting in the bottom shelf! - so it has passed "the test." (Plus it was so well packaged that we could hardly open it!)
Thanks again and we may decide to buy another table soon (although we'll be looking for a different style Craftsman table, not a matching one).

January 26, 2004
So after a hectic holiday with relatives in town for three weeks and my traveling for work throughout January, I am finally sitting down to thank you for the wonderful, beautiful, well-crafted, and forever-to-be-loved table that my husband and I bought from you. We love it and it will be part of our family for many years to come!
Thank you and when we buy that house (whenever that will be, living in way too expensive San Diego) we will buy our Mission reproductions from you. The surface and finish is exquisite!
Thank you again!
Alexis and Allen

Monday, April 12, 2004
Received the table on Friday (fast! - and so well packed) and we are exceedingly happy with it! It is beautiful - the top is actually beyond very attractive, it is worthy of display as a piece of fine art. The epitome of fine woodworking. Thank you.
John & Sandra Kornuc

July 28, 2004
Just FYI:
  I LOVE the table that you sent. It is completely gorgeous and perfect for the space. Shipping was immaculate. Thank you, Thank you!

August 13, 2004
 We received the highchair and it is absolutely beautiful!! It is everything that we could have imagined. Even my very picky husband is very impressed.
We hope to commission a mission vanity chair from you soon. We recently bought a lovely antique mission vanity (kind of a rare find) and don't have a suitable chair to go with it. We will be talking to you soon. Thanks again for all of your help...your work is amazing.
>Aubrey Vale Word

August 24, 2004
Hi Judy
 Just wanted to let you know that the coffee table arrived Sunday and we picked it up at Newark on Monday. Wow! It is truly beautiful and the right color. Your craftsmanship is brilliant and collaborative effort to get us exactly what we needed is very much appreciated. We still need some other pieces e.g. end table, book case. When we are ready to buy furniture again, Jeff and I look forward to doing business with you!
Thanks so much!

September 22, 2004
The table has arrived in good shape, thanks to your excellent packing, and I am happy with it.  It is in my living room with an Aurora Studio lamp on it and it looks great.

September 26, 2004
 Dear Schmitt Family,
 The beautiful furniture arrived and in perfect shape! We unpacked it yesterday and are enjoying the tables in our home...saving the fantastic headboard for the new inn. You really do beautiful work. The wood is satiny smooth and truly a delight!
 Thank you again for the beautiful furniture. We will look forward to doing more business with you.
Sincerely, Liz and Ron

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Hi, Received the table yesterday! It is a wonderful and well made labor of love. You should mark it so people know who made it...for the future generations. The shipping was fast and secure. I will be a return customer!
Ziemer-Ditzel family

November 19, 2004
Judy - The tables are fantastic! Thank you so much for working with us.
Best regards, Burt

December 29, 2004
Hi Judy. We just received the table today and it is beautiful - really a fine piece. We will definitely be ordering more pieces from you once the house is done. Remember that the beds get shipped directly to the site, care of the builder who is on site every day. Thanks again and happy new year!

April 05, 2005
Hi Judy,
 Got back Sunday evening and the headboard came today in perfect condition and it is AMAZING. Thank you so so much. This is a work of art!
 Please share our thanks with Mike. We will DEFINITELY be back for more.
All the best,


April 11, 2005
Just wanted to send off a note to let you know my coffee table arrived and it's BEAUTIFUL! What a great birthday present. It looks terrific in our house. Looking forward to getting more of your pieces. We just have to figure out exactly what we want and we will let you know.
Thanks again,
Lisa Brault

Hiya Mike,
That fabulous table I bought from you arrived this morning. And I do mean fabulous. Wowzers, but that's a beaut.
I thought about bragging that it took me less than ten minutes to unpack the table (true), but think maybe I'll hold off since I have since managed to lug it up one of two flights of stairs.
Anyway, I want to thank you for making such a fine piece of furniture. No doubt, its antique quality and fine craftsmanship will cause our nieces to drop many a hint about the best person to inherit this beautiful coffee table.
All the best,

August 08, 2005
tables received,,, they are absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks!

October 17, 2005
 The end table was really well wrapped! It survived intact and is the one piece of furniture my husband loved as soon as he saw it. It is beautifully made and we will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for all your help.
Heidi Finkelberg

October 20, 2005
Mike and Judy,

 all of our lovely furniture arrived last night, did you hear my screams of delight?>> Everything is beautiful and fits in perfectly in our home, we are so excited. The pieces are solid and will be around for us to hand down to our kids, its really amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work and craftsmanship! (and you certainly wrapped those pieces up so that nothing was going to happen to them, luckily today was trash day for us, I think we filled up the truck on our own :o) thanks again, I look forward to ordering more furniture after we replenish our bank account!
take care,
kelley argraves

 December 01, 2005
Thank you thank you. We couldn't be more delighted with the bed and nightstands. They are GORGEOUS, much more beautiful than we ever imagined. You did a lovely lovely job. So... (drumroll please) here they are "in situ" (the color is Ben Moore "Cognac". duvet from West End catalog. lamps from Sundance Catalog, rugs from Jax Rugs.) not a great photo, some weird polka dot things... but here's Dylan, who will spend many many hours on this bed and thanks you from the bottom of his scruffy little heart.
Mrs. Wheelbarrow

December 19, 2006
 Hi Judy -- just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I like the coffee table (it arrived last week (a day early, even), but I've been flying around the country and so haven't had the time to do this properly).  I don't know how to say more than that it just makes me very happy just to look at it -- it's simple solidity somehow strikes a happy resonance with me (sorry if that sounds corny), and it feels at home with my family's old Midwest oak furniture. So anyway, thanks for the trouble you guys took in getting the table to me under adverse conditions and for the care it must have taken to make something like this.
Happy holidays,
Norm Bartelt

 April 12, 2006
Got it last night. Thanks Judy. It is beautiful -- huge (I worked up a sweat getting it out of all the packing) but heavy and solid. Best to Mike.


February 09, 2006
I got the delivery yesterday. The tables are beautiful. I am very proud of your work. Here are a coupla shots of the two together. These will be a pleasure to live with for me and my kids after me, on down the line. Thank you very much.
As long as you have these shots, the wall stuff is: the large painting and ink drawing are the work of my old bass player and pretty famous artist Larry Hofmann. One of my closest friends. He's in Minneapolis. The other piece you can almost see is an etching by Ronnie Wood (Stones/Faces) of Eric Clapton, done soon after the loss of Connor.
Anyhoo, this is where the tables will be for a while. The wait was sweet. Again, thank you and y'alls. I'm very pleased with everything.
Tom Husting

August 22, 2006
Hello everyone at Dryad;
The end table arrived yesterday, and we're very happy with it! Thanks so much! It's a lovely, graceful design, and your woodwork and staining are all top notch. Plus you're the world champion packers, the boxing work was superlative.
We look forward to the custom table/pedestal project, Mike!
All the best to everyone there,
Dave Ogden + Rose Rabinov

November 24, 2006
Hi Judy and Mike,
The bed arrived on Wednesday, Lee and I were both pleased and impressed. The bed is simply gorgeous. Hope that your and your family had a lovely thanksgiving. We look forward to purchasing a few more pieces in the future.
Thanks again,

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
This table is more beautiful than I expected. I love it, love it, love it. It took me 2 hours to get to it and my living room is a total disaster but that table is perfect!!! Thank You!!!

February 02, 2007
Hi Judy
It's here & it looks great!!! Beautiful craftsmanship!! WOW!
You packed it very well & it was clearly necessary, they beat the crap out of that box but it survived unscathed! I was a little worried when I first saw it.
Thanks again!! It was DEFINITELY worth the wait! Hmmm…. Maybe some matching side tables down the road..

Monday, June 18, 2007
Hi Judy,
We love the headboard and are thinking of a coffee table and probably some side tables/tabouret. We definitely will not buy the Chinese junk – (we were able to find a Stickley brothers library desk and have since been addicted to the real thing) we are still planning to go to Arkansas and maybe have a look at your studios.
Our neighbor helped us take the bed inside when it was shipped and saw your invoice/receipt. She told us you made her daughter's high chair. It's beautiful!
We'll be back for more,

July 22, 2007
Hello again,
Thank you for your attention to our crib order. We received it and set it up yesterday – just in time since our delivery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I thought you might like to see how it looked in the baby's room. It was the last piece we needed. You really made a great piece of furniture – it is vastly better than any of the other retail cribs out there.
We were thinking it might be a good idea to start the ordering process on a Mission High Chair. I'm sure it takes a few months to create. While we have a little time before we need it, it probably doesn't hurt to start on it early. I think we'll want to look at the wood samples again since the high chair will be in a different part of the house. Please let us know. Thanks again.
Nunzio and Dyanna Domilici

December 31, 2007
Hi, I was so happy with your table I'm back. I was just wondering if you can build me a headboard for a King (California) bed.  It would have to be special made because I have a size that I don't want to block windows on both ends. Let me know and I can get you the measurements.

May 02, 2008
WOW - The bed is beautiful beyond belief! It arrived just fine with some help from the driver and an unlucky new neighbor who happened by... for 2 hours of unpacking.
The packing was also beyond description. Impervious to box cutters, and being fearful of taking the Stihl to it, we gnawed our way through the layers.
But like many cocoons, something beautiful emerged! Remind me to sharpen my teeth before the next order!  
One scene you may appreciate... trying to dispose of the cardboard chrysalis, I finally gave up and took a skill saw and bow saw to it and it eventually yielded.
Hope the storms pass you by and all are well. Arkansas has had WAY more than its share this year.  
We think your product is just fantastic, and ( all humor or attempts there at aside) is well deserving of the protection of the cartons. 
Thanks!  Gary and Sue


The bed is a work of fine art. Beautiful and inspiring corbels and cutouts. Ironclad, even obsessive-compulsive, packaging. I wish all my dealings were as successful and personal and kind. I count myself lucky to have made the acquaintance of the Schmitt family and their gentle, mountaintop life. Expect me to be back in touch.
Excellent item and transaction. Many thanks

Outstanding piece of furniture. High quality. I'll be back for more.

A most beautiful bed. Real furniture I will be buying more. Thanks

A beautiful work of art! Couldn't be happier! Good communication,Thanks.

Excellent craftsmanship!! Incredible packaging!!

Great transaction! Thanks so much for a gorgeous table!

Great product / packaging / every thing was very smooth!!!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous table, beautiful workmanship, well packaged, quick delivery

Prompt delivery, careful packaging, a superbly crafted Arts & Crafts table.

Great communication! Professional shipping/transaction! BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE!!!!!

An astounding table! My 2nd purchase -- no possibility of disappointment here.

Very nice headboard. Thanks!

Authentic, old-time craftsmanship. Great communication, packaging. $ well-spent.

I love this table. enough said!!

Thanks for a beautiful table!

An absolutely amazing table. Great people to deal with -- no worries. Thanks!!!!

Wonderful craftsman & business people, you will be glad you bought from them

Product delivered was product advertised. Very good quality.

Lovely workmanship, speedy shipment, incredible packing work! Recommended!

This is a take-your-breathe-away coffee table

Perfectly beautiful table. Exactly as described. Terrific ship speed. All great

Fantastic quality and workmanship, excellent packing, absolutely outstanding

Excellent workmanship and design, superb followup with shipping & communication.

Gorgeous item, super craftsmen, great transaction, well packed, EXCELLENT

product actually BETTER than expected. An absolute find.

Packed like armor - beautiful tables...love the finish. Smooth transaction.

Absolutely gorgeous table, very well wrapped!

Spectacular quality of merchandise and service. Many thanks!

Items rec'd are absolutely stunning--in color, style & craftsmanship--thanks!!!

Wonderful table...great finish...super packing

Great seller. Item better than represented. Very quick shipment.

Lovely piece, carefully wrapped and shipped promptly.

Great shipping, finish&color! Table right at home with 12 Stickley pieces THANKS

Great bed, speedily shipped, very well packed

Extremely beautiful table, superb service and packing, great THANKS

Pure Art! Fabulous product & wonderful people. You cannot go wrong w/Dryad.

Not enough room to leave proper compliments. these people are amazing.

Holy cow, what a nice peice of furniture! GREAT SHIPPING TOO! THANK YOU

Visually EXQUISITE craftsmanship, practical & customer friendly; Mike & Judy

Tremendous quality, service & communication. I am now a repeat customer!

Amazing quality. Great communcation & speedy & careful shipping

Great Craftsmen !!! Best packaging...Easy to deal with

Beautiful piece. Well packaged. Smooth transaction. thanks

Beautiful, highly figured wood, precise craftsmanship, beguiling finish: sublime

A really solid elegant bed. Excellent communications, prompt shipping,

Very solid piece, lovely finish. Very professional and prompt seller.

A truly trustworthy seller with rare, beautiful pieces. Perfection.

Received today. Very very special piece, outstanding seller. Trust them! thanks

Beautiful furniture; item as described; good communication; prompt safe shipping

First class mdse; very prompt shipment. Perfect transaction.

Beautiful exercise in elegant rusticity; impregnable packaging; wow!

Wonderfully elegant design and beautiful wood - 100% recommended

Stunning products and great service - buy from these people!

The MOST beautiful furniture I have seen BY FAR & Packing was SUPER! Thank you!

Real quality here. Shipped in a heart beat. First rate seller.

Beautiful table..excellent quality..fast and secure shipping..nice folks..thanks

A pleasure to deal with, highly recomended, outstanding headboard

Highly recomended, beautiful item

Thanks, easy transaction, nice merchandise. Excellent workmanship & packaging

Beautiful table! Creative, fast shipping - Excellent packing!


Fantastic Craftsmanship! It just doesn't get any better anywhere else period!!

Truly incredible craftsmanship! This is our 2nd work of art...2 more on the way!

Beautiful. Thanks!

I need more of these works of art!!!Phenomenol customer service!!You guys rock!!

You have to have some furniture from these great folks!!AWESOME!

A description will never be adequate to convey the beauty, character & look.

Incredible craftsmanship-build, finish superlative on coffee table. Xlnt pckgng.

Amazing furniture. Top notch craftsmanship, and shipped with extreme care.


Terrific item... great transaction... wonderful seller!

Highest quality furniture I have seen!! Friendly, professional, personal owners

The best table in the world! Highest quality! Carefree buying, committed seller!

Unbelievably high quality furniture, people, etc. Most high praise. Honest!

Great seller, excellent communication, fast shipper. Would buy again!

Incredible quality!!Great communication and plain nice people!!

Stunning workmanship!!!Packed like Fort Knox.This isn't furniture it is Art!!

BEAUTIFUL table! Quick shipping, excellent packing, great experience all around

Lovely Table~Very Well Pkgd & Shipped Promptly~Good Correspondence~Thank You!

Best quality mission repro. furniture I've seen - well packed and timely deliver

Excellent Plant Stand - Packing outstanding, Highly Recommended!!!

Great item. Superior packing job. Fort Knox should be so well protected.


Excellent product, excellent speed, superlative packing

Extremely fine craftmanship, nice to deal with, well packaged, will buy again!!!

Superb quality; unmatched service. Buy with confidence.

Fantastic table. Beautifully made. Extremely well packaged and quickly shipped.

Wow......top of the line Mission console table for great price.

Great company to deal with

Beautiful piece, well packed, quickly shipped, great communication

Bed even better than described. Pure pleasure and 200% satisfaction

Beautiful table, excellent packing and communications! Would buy again!

excellent seller, returns emails promptly

Excellent in all respects. Highly recommended. Thank you!

A pleasure to do business with

Stunning furniture, terrific service, couldn't ask for better!!

Excellent communicator and seller. Best Craftsmen I've dealt with. FLAWLESS.

What can I say other than SUPERB.

Highly, highly recommended. Superb service and attentiveness to the buyer.

Very nice item, fast service and, better than this: a great human being. Thanks!



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