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Or....email us and we will put you on a notification list...PROMISE....Nobody gets your name but us and we DO NOT email out repetitive "sales" notices and other teasers. We will only email you when a new piece is added to the sale page. Hey...........I don't live a mile from my nearest neighbor because I like to be bothered....and I respect our customers the same. If you would like to be informed when we add a new piece to the Sale page, click on the link text at the top of the page. It will send an email to us, and we will contact you when new items are added.
These are ready to ship immediately ALL of these pieces represent our BEST work. This is not a "seconds" sale . We put the seconds in our house. These are all wonderful pieces of handmade furniture that will serve you and your heirs for many decades.

We can't take credit cards directly, but can go through PayPal for a credit card transaction. We add on the 3% fee. Let's face it.....we work hard for what we charge.....hundreds of hours. eBay, Custom Made, Etsy, all provide a blanket of security....AND COST AN ADDITIONAL 10%-14% TO SELL THROUGH. Look at our feedback on any of these venues...FLAWLESS....PERFECT....WE STILL PREFER A PERSONAL CHECK. But, we do realize the "sudden" nature of the sale items, and will accommodate the need to use a Credit Card/PayPal.
We can't offer "free" shipping. But, our shipping is always reasonable. We pack for free, and charge only the actual freight and any material cost. We get much of our packing material nearly free from a large furniture business in a nearby town. WE SPEND AN AVERAGE OF 36 "MAN HOURS" PACKING A SINGLE QUEEN BED.....3 PEOPLE X 2, 6 HOUR DAYS. The downside is that it will take 2 people 1/2 day to free the bed from its cardboard and foam prison....the freight companies are a nightmare....we do OUR best, and hold their feet to the fire to get good service from them. We have good discounts with several carriers. Email us with your town and zip code for a shipping quote.

Current Stock..... Case Pieces.
We are going to have to drill another well here on the farm. It is a nightmarishly expensive gamble in the terrain we live in. By the time it is all over, we will probably have spent $20K. Well, anyway, it's our problem.....but.....we may have something of interest to you all.
We are funding the well drilling project by building 6 additional large case pieces......3 Bureaus, and 3 Sideboards. All will be constructed with some "extra "flourishes......cutouts, through tenons, extra drawers, upgraded hardware. We will do all in our imagination to make them " special ". We also intend to offer them for 20% - 25% below what we normally build them for. We need to build and sell these pieces fairly quickly.....hence the reduced prices.Take a look at the small case piece we have just completed. It intended use is either a Child's Dresser or a Lingerie Cabinet. It would also make a neat linen storage unit in an Arts & Crafts Dining Room. It is smaller than a normal 6 drawer Chest of Drawers. It is the first of the 7 Case Pieces we are building in this series.







Mackintosh Bench
Mackintosh Bench #797
53" Long X 16" Wide X 18" Tall
$1925.00 current /Reduced to $1725.00
Mackintosh Dresser
Mackintosh Lingerie, Linen Chest, Child's Dresser
$7350.00 current price
Reduced to $5145.00
Mackintosh Queen Bed SALE
Mackintosh Queen Bed #788
$4560.00 current price
Reduced to $4000.00



Mission Display Stand
Mission Display Stand #771
20 "w x 33"t
$775.00 current price / Reduced to $580.00
Ash Crib
Mackintosh Crib #764
$2650.00 current price / Reduced to $1985.00
Goth Table #780
Arts & Crafts / Goth Table #780
16 "w x 28.75"t
$775.00 current /Reduced to $580.00
Custom Size Trundle Bed
Custom Size Mahogany Trundle Bed
$2700.00 current price

Mission Display Stand #772
16"w x 36"t
$775.00 current / Reduced to $580.00
Mackintosh Bench
Mackintosh Coffee Table #785
53" Long X 16" Wide X 18" Tall
$1925.00 current price/Reduced to $1725.00
Arts & Crafts Goth Table #779
Arts & Crafts / Goth Table #779
18 "w x 28.75"t
$775.00 current /Reduced to $580.00
Arts & Crafts Crib Sale
Arts & Crafts Ash Crib #763
$2650.00 current price / Reduced to $1985.00
Ash Display Table
Arts & Crafts / Goth Table #778
18 "w x 28.75"t
$775.00 current /Reduced 25% to $580.00
  Mackintosh Coffee Table #798
Mackintosh Bench Coffee Table #798
53" Long X 16" Wide X 18" Tall
$1925.00 current price/Reduced to $1725.00




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