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Bunkbeds 7011

Mackintosh Bunk Bed

Mackintosh BunkBed

 The Mackintosh Bunk Beds posed a unique set of problems when they were first conceived.

   The tapered legs were especially difficult. Once a taper is cut on a piece of wood, it no longer is easily processed by machines that work best on straight lines and right angles. We have to leave the head and foot legs connected in one board and do all of the mortising and drilling. Then we must carefully bandsaw the legs apart.

  These bunks are very labor intensive, and the results confirm the effort.

  The taper on the legs and safety rail mounts is a good counterpoint to the strong lines of the slats and rails. The deep stretchers on the ends are gently curved on the bottom to soften the overall appearance. Rather than resawn, the slats are a substantial 3/4" thick, and are set off by the small square cutouts on either end. The paddle shelves further the Mackintosh look. The side rails are a substantial 7" wide.



  All of the hardware is concealed. The side rails are connected with hidden hook and slot hardware that is hand inletted into the rail and legs. The ladder and safety rails are hung on the sides with nearly invisible hooks. All of the wood has been matched for color and grain pattern.

looking inside ladder-end
   We use Ash for this piece so that we can offer it in a variety of colors. Besides our Mission colors, we use Red, Antique White, Yellow, and a Tan/Natural.

   As with all of our other furniture, the stain is a water-based aniline dye that penetrates and colors without obscuring the grain. It produces a depth and clarity that is not found with any other process.

   Color samples will be sent on receipt of a deposit.

  The finish is lacquer. We spray at least three coats on all surfaces, with the high wear places getting four or five coats. The finish is sanded between each coat and hand rubbed at the end to achieve a depth and luster that is unavailable elsewhere. Almost thirty percent of the work that goes into a piece is in the finishing process.

   There is a short set of rails for the ladder side, and a full length set of safety rails for the side opposite the ladder. If needed, the safety rails and ladder can be removed and the unit made into two twin beds.

  When used separately, the beds can be fitted with either a mattress or futon only, or a mattress and box spring.

 When they are used as bunks, it is imperative that only a mattress or futon, and no foundation or box spring be used.

   RED BunkbedThe system that holds the mattress consists of 14 slats spaced 2 inches apart that are connected by strong webbing.
The entire unit is secured to the side rail brackets with screws. This provides ample support for the mattress or futon.

  If a box spring was to be used on the bunk setup, we would have to add to the height of the safety rails and the top of the ladder.

  The Ash used to make these bunks is one of the strongest woods available.

  There are no bunk beds available that can compare to these for strength, durability, stability and tasteful design. It would be a shame to cramp these against a wall in a corner.

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 Mackintosh Bunk Beds #7011





Mackintosh Bunk Beds ASH

Includes 2 complete standard twin beds, safety rails, and ladder. Slat system allows use of mattress only on each bed.



Quartersawn Oak available...Special Order, please contact us for current price.





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